Raul R. Ruiz

Raul Ruiz, the man known as the “Sheep Shearing Artist of West Texas” for over 30 years now, was born in Tom Green County, November 3, 1959 to Daniel and Clara Ruiz.  As a child, Raul began to show a strong artistic talent that has followed him from his school day to the present.  As a native ofEola, Raul seemed to be granted the serenity and seclusion of a small town.  As a teenager close to his 20’s Raul labored as a sheep sheerer in the family business prior to the onset of his career as an artist.

In the mid 70’s Raul began an apprenticeship with the late Dwight C. Holmes, a nationally recognized and renowned artist and sculptor who was a member of a generation of a well-known artists.  Holmes apprenticed with the Taos painters and painted with Porfirio Salina and Robert Wood in the 1900’s.  Mr. Holmes led Raul into the same mediums of art teaching passing on a generation of celebrated talent.  At nine years of study Raul’s apprenticeship ended with the passing of the great artist, his friend and mentor.  Raul has painted some of the most beautiful landscapes in Texas and some of the most recognized sculptures in the State.

The Panhandle Plaines Historical Museum in Canyon Texas has also been one of the many sources eager to present Raul’s work.  Commissions are in homes and businesses from Texas to Australia.

Raul continues his passion as an artist and sculptor, while managing his studio & gallery in San Angelo, Texas.